Ok guys, so yeah I’ve been absent from here today relatively, but I went to the dollar store today and saw this ugly little thing. It reminded me on Nam C-rations, so of course, I had to buy it and submit myself to it because I like to do things that may upset me right?

It’s decent though surprisingly, but ONLY with the crackers, if you eat it without the crackers it’s weird. It also comes with the cutest little spoon I’ll be keeping forever because it’s my little spoon and I’ll stab you if you touch it. 

I also spent like 5 minutes rubbing each pair of socks in the dollar store and oh god, it was heavenly. I found this pair I really wanted, but I didn’t bring any cash to buy them (had to get headphones again) and I was so sad, they were these soft, men’s dress socks in two shades of blue. My mom just stared at me the entire time I rubbed the socks. 

I also put in my application for this amazing smoke/head shop on Main street, it smells so good, only chicks work there, and they sell all the best products. It’s also dimly lit in there, so I’m hoping I get that job, because then I could just groove all day with the amazing products, scents, etc. 

So that was my day, now I’m jammin on the porch with my smokes, making dinner as well, meat loaf and mac and cheese so that’s awful, how does one domestic? 


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