My goodness I am such a weirdo deviant, look at some of my favorite stuffed animals. 

The rabbit is named Miles, Ron got him for me when I first came to Chicago and we were in the book store. They did this thing if you bought a book to donate, you got a free rabbit. I really wanted him, so Ron did it, we chose “Curious George” The cost? $60! So, Miles is my $60 bunny that Ron got me on I think my first outing with him in Chicago besides for dinner the night I came in. 

The other two are Lily (purple and white) and Babs (pink and green) Lily is a superstar model, and Babs is her sister. Their best friend is ratty friend, who is a small, cute Halloween rubber rat toy. 

When I sleep, I hold Miles and then in my right hand I hold Lily and ratty friend. 

But yes, I am such a shocking, lewd, monster, who just happens to adore stuffed animals. 

PS: The big pink and white puppy behind me? His tummy says I ❤ U and Ron got me him for Valentine’s Day.


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