Since I made one for Richard, let’s make one for everyone else too, so here are a few reasons why one would date Ted Bundy

-He’s gorgeous

-He’s intelligent, and educated 

-He always has a pair of handcuffs

-He’s good with a tire iron

-He dresses well

-He’ll get jealous, and is protective

-He likes to cook

-He’s humorous

-He would be able to unlock your door or car door for you

-He could carry you if you couldn’t walk for some reason

-He knows how long it would take for you to suffocate, so you’d never choke on stuff and die

-He’s strong 

-He likes to travel 

-He’d constantly bring you expensive gifts, even though you know he can’t afford these things

-He’d write you poetry, send you flowers and would know when you’d be home

-He’s good at starting fires in the fire place

-He always has a shovel and an extra pair of pantyhose in case yours  tear. 

-He’d be able to help you with your make up and hair

-He likes sex

-His car would be able to fit a lot of groceries with the seat removed

-He knows all of the best mountains, lakes, and beaches

-He knows about every campus, so he’d help you choose  the right school

-He’s sarcastic and witty 

-He’d never need a Halloween costume, as he already has so many different looks and props ready

-He’d be able to cast your arm if it broke, and already has crutches if you hurt your leg

-He’d bring you cute animals

-He would obsessively love you

-You can talk about socks together 

-He has nice feet

-He’s electric 

Again, since he’s dead you can’t date him, and sadly, I’m pretty sure his ghost is taken..


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