In this life we are fortunate to find one person to love and love completely. I am lucky because I love you in that way. Being in this jail has taught me this lesson. I think of no one else or miss no one else as I do you…In this hour when my whole life is threatened, the only thing I regret losing is you and Tina. So I give you one more thing. It is the one part of me that cannot be taken away. I give you my love as deep and as powerful as any human being can have for another. I give it to you as the woman who has captured my very soul. Every last grain. There is no one to whom I could give my love for the rest of my life. My love for you is life itself. Without you there would be no life.

(He added later)

I read over the last part of my letter to you. I want it to be clear. I write these words to you not because I want you to feel the same in return or feel obligated in some way. I just want you to know.


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