While the guards were cleaning Ted’s cell after his execution, an old photo fell out of one of Ted’s Law books. The photo had been carefully folded and discreetly tucked between the bindings of the book. The photo was of a rather plain looking woman. She had cherry blossoms intertwined in her long, long, light brown hair and wore a Mexican Blouse. Her childlike smile had lit up her large brown eyes as she held up a baby rabbit for the camera. The photo was dated 1969. On the back, in Ted’s handwriting it was written “You will always be the love of my life. I thank God for your love…” The ink was still fresh, indicating Ted had written this a few hours before his execution. The guard asked the Superintendent if he recognized the woman in the photo. “Oh yeah, simple,” replied the Superintendent. “That’s Bundy’s old lover..Elisabeth Kloepfer..I think was her full name.” He shrugged “He always just called her Liz.


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