Excerpt from a letter Ted wrote to one of Carole’s relatives about a Thanksgiving visit from his mother-in-law, Margot, and his daughter Rosa:

“ …We had 6 lovely hours together. Rosa has changed so much in the 4 weeks since I last saw her. The major difference is that she is really talking now. She won’t stop. She’s like a beautiful little parrot. All day it was "Daddy” this and “Daddy” that. She was very much into talking to me and generally trying to keep me to herself. “You stay here, Daddy” she’d say when I’d tell her to get back to Carole, Margot (Gamma) and Jamey. I was as pleased and delighted as I could be. Margot is enjoying herself, spending her days with Rosa, and evenings with Carole and her friends. She made Rosa a Raggedy Ann costume for Halloween. She looked adorable. “


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