ET: What school did you go to?

TB: I went to, it was Stanley Elementary School and we had, we were playing marbles once as I recall, I, ah, there was some infraction of the rules there and I, ah, walloped the kid, the first and only time, yeah the first time I ever hit anyone, and we had a scrap you know, he and I, the teacher found out about and she wrapped our knuckles with a [inaudible], and, ah, we had kind of a, a rough crowd, I say rough in those days—today, of course, it would be mild, but I think as kids, we ran around and caught frogs and whatnot, and it was the, the non-Catholic kids ran around in one group and the Catholic kids ran in another group. It was fairly—

ET: Any difficulties like getting in trouble—with the police, for example—as an adolescent?

TB: I can remember the biggest adventure was a fellow who I guess was, in my mind, one of the more adventuresome older kids—said that if I got him some comic books from the drug store, he would give me his pocketknife, so I, you know—


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