On the morning of February 5th in 1986, Ted Bundy thought he was going to die. At 6 am, a panic attack hit. He lost his short-term memory, lost all perspective, he felt “waves of adrenaline, terror and panic” he was trembling, and his hands were shaking, he felt “numbness, pinpricks on top of his brain” he was dizzy , heard echoes of Elisabeth’s voice and had ringing in his ears. He writhed on the floor of his cell for half a day before it passed. Subsequent attacks would last longer.

During his actual execution, in 1989, it is said that Ted had to be lead to the chair, that he was pale and expressionless. Though once seated in the chair, while getting strapped in, his color came back and he seemed resigned, calm. He smiled slightly, as a “I see you” to some of the detectives/persecutors. He spoke his final words, and was gone. It was said to be very clinical, and for those who hate the idea of Ted dying (myself included) it should be noted that after about 7 seconds being electrocuted, the brain dies, rendering the person unable to feel or anything else, the process takes about 1 minute only and only 2 short waves of electricity are rendered. While it may look very violent (and by no means is execution something that should be done anyway) with the initial jolt of the body, and smell of burning skin, this means of execution is one of the quickest and least painful, along with the firing squad, which if done correctly, would render the person dead within about 6 seconds. So, Ted didn’t feel anything after the initial shock, which would be just seconds, he died quickly and rather painlessly. 

The two worst ways of execution? Lethal injection, which has sometimes taken up to 15-20 minutes or so, and has failed numerous times in the past. The other most awful way is the gas chamber, which is another quite violent method, it takes about 7 minutes for someone to suffocate to death (and also takes that long when someone is strangled to death by the way) and causes convulsion, foaming of the mouth, and many other unpleasant side effects. 

My point? Ted tied rather easily, even if he shouldn’t have died at all. 


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