PAT: “It was the girls’ first year of sobriety and when called upon to speak at the AA meeting, Elisabeth burst into tears. All the other girls spoke and it seemed that kicking the alcohol addiction had kicked away their problems too. With Elisabeth, sobriety seemed to make her pain even more intense. After kicking the alcohol she became suicidal.”

REPORTER: “But why do you think she couldn’t speak at the meeting?”

PAT: “Well, I don’t know…perhaps her pain was too intense for any words to describe what she was feeling. If I were to take a stab at describing it I would say she was profoundly depressed.”

REPORTER: “Do you know why?”

PAT: “Sure. Ted Bundy was in jail. She couldn’t bear his pain and she couldn’t bear to be away from him either. I understand Ted himself spent a lot of time in the prison hospital because of separation pain as well. It’s beyond me how someone who kills young women can feel so deeply for another young woman. I guess there’s something about her that makes his heart melt.”


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