“Serial Killer Ted Bundy reportedly spent the last days of his life remembering his closest companion whom he referred to as simply "Poor Liz” and regretting the pain he had caused her. Early this morning before being led to the death chamber, he wrote “You will always be the love of my life” on the back of her photograph he had secretly kept with him, carefully pressed and hidden between the pages of his law textbook.

Elisabeth Kloepfer, the fragile young woman who had defied her family, the church, the FBI, the government and the entire world to be with her forbidden lover…the woman who – when her beloved told her he was truly guilty – wept upon hearing the weariness in his voice, told him she loved him, wished to comfort him, to hold him in her arms and rock him back and forth and tell him everything was going to be ok… That woman called the authorities this weekend, hysterically begging them to let her take his place on the electric chair. “We’re sorry, but that’s not exactly how the justice system works Miss,” was the response she got. On the prison phone list under the category “Relation to the Inmate” she was listed as “Friend.”

After Ted’s body finally went limp in Florida this morning and a flashlight was flashed in his pupils to confirm he was dead, an ambulance was called to Miss Elisabeth’s tiny house in Washington where a flashlight was flashed in her eyes at the same time to confirm whether she was living or dead. After weeping and shrieking for hours and hours, “Liz” had fell into a deathly silent trance. Doctors reported she was sitting like a statue against the wall on the floor, her heart had stopped beating, her large blue eyes were not blinking, and her body was not responding to any sound or touch. The heart beat miraculously returned after some hours and medical authorities determined she was clinically “alive.” Trips will be made frequently by doctors to ensure Miss Elisabeth is indeed alive.“


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