So, I thought awhile before posting this, because I did not want this to be taken in a wrong manner, or as any type of attention seeking or any such. However, I feel it needs to be said, and that’s what I’m best at. 

PSA To any possible haters I have out there, whether you
have made it known or are just keeping it to yourself (yay for you by the way
if you’re the latter, that’s a good thing to do.)

Yes, I am offensive, no I do not care. I post what’s on my
mind, what I think, what I like, what I find funny and so forth. I am not
seeking your approval, if you like my stuff? Great, we’ll have some fun. If you
don’t? I seriously will not lose an ounce of sleep over it. Why am I writing
this then, if I don’t care? Well, it’s so people don’t waste their precious
time trying to make me feel some sort of way, because it won’t happen.

I do condone, and before you ask “what if that was your family?!”
I’ll answer simply, well who in my family? If it were Ron or my kid? Yeah, I’d
be upset, I’m not completely a monster, but at the same time, it’s the way of
the world, what were they doing? Did they trust someone they shouldn’t have?
That sounds cold, yes and it is, but it’s not like I can control it. What many
do not understand about me is I do not feel empathy, nor sympathy, rarely ever
guilt, if at all. Sure, I’m all for peace and love, but I like violence, I
accept violence. It’s needed in this world. We need bad things, because without
bad nobody would see any good. I tried for most of my life to feel for other
people, and while I can love? It’s not like normal people love. I love Ron,
obsessively, deeply, possessively, and he’s the same way. But even that took
time, and in general? I am indifferent to the death of others, and in fact,
death, blood, etc turns me on. Yes, it gets me off, I enjoy it. Do I care? Not
a damn bit.

And of course, I can make friends, I’m actually quite friendly
and helpful. I won’t care if you die, but I’ll have your back when you’re
alive. You all must understand before sending hate to me (and a few have, and I’m
sure more will as I continue on here) that it does nothing at all to me. In
fact, I enjoy it, I enjoy when someone is upset. I love watching people cry. Is
that wrong? Yes it is, I understand right from wrong, but again, I feel nothing
for humanity. I have tried, I didn’t want to be this way, have these thoughts,
be so uncaring, but I am, and I can’t hide that forever. I’m not alone here,
there’s many more like me, more than you who sit so high would like to believe.
As Bundy said “we are everywhere.” But when you send me hate? It makes me
laugh, I enjoy it. There is no such thing as bad publicity darlings, and the
more you speak of me, the more people find me.

I’m trying to elaborate as best as I possibly can here. But
your random, hilarious hate mails do nothing but make me smile, they truly
do.  I am who I am, and that’s all one
could be, is themselves and I am completely myself. This is not an act, for once
in my life actually, I’m being completely open 100%. I have taken off my mask
and I am enjoying it. So please, keep sending that hate mail, it always gives
me a chuckle. If you see this, and wish to ask me questions, or any sort of
conversation, I welcome it. Don’t sit there stewing over a post of mine, I
invite you to come and speak to me about it. But don’t expect me to care or
feel anything when you do, I’m unable to.

Now, to all my followers who do enjoy my stuff, and
conversing with me? Thank You. You guys are great, and I hope you’ll all stick
around and have some more fun. I won’t bite..much anyway.

Keep On Freakin On- Ry

PS: I’m tagging any community or tag I am active in, this is NOT directed toward one group or any one person as well, just a general message. 


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