Can we talk about Carol for a minute? Am I the only one who think she just totally bitched out? Like okay, you marry the guy, you have his child, but once it finally hits you that he is indeed guilty, you bitch out and jump state? Am I the only one who thinks that’s really damn shitty? If it were me, hell I’d be proud of that shit. I’d walk around going “you bet your sweet ass I’m Ted Bundy’s wife, I am Mrs. Bundy, you got a problem with it? Fuck off.” Seriously, own that shit Carol. She bitched out and fled like a coward. I’d be proud as hell, if you’re gonna marry Ted Bundy, own it, rock it, be proud of it. Don’t run away as soon as things get a bit too real. I certainly wouldn’t, I’d be next to him till the last minute. Stand by your man, and show the world you love him. Don’t be a bitch like Carol. 


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